Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the World, is a beautiful country, blessed from all fronts. 

Apart from the rich mineral resources, one of its strength lies in its people. With a population hitting an all-time high of about 170 million, Nigeria remains one of the most endowed nations of the World.

In search of the finest women

The Jewel of Nigeria-Nigeria’s Orange Beauty pageant, is set to roll out as Nigeria’s newest Beauty brand.

Aware of several “Miss and Faces” in the space, The Jewel of Nigeria is designed to annually unveil the finest women and crown one of them as the Jewel of Nigeria. The show is patterned to be the most prestigious Pageant in the country.We are in search of a rounded beauty, an iconic screen goddess with an approachable face that is inviting. Her personality must not only stand appealing but also her intelligence and capacity to make a home. In our search, we also take cognizance of the photogenic potentials of our contestants, their fascinating style and gracefulness on the ramp.

About the Pageant

The Jewel of Nigeria Beauty and Style Pageant is the World’s first Orange Beauty Pageant, and by extension, Nigeria’s Orange beauty festival. 

The pageant is a redefinition of the idea of beauty pageantry. In fact, the show is a fresh breath to the principles of pageantry, inspired by a combination of tradition and contemporary ideas; both in structure and in presentation. In our world, beauty pageant is simply defined through the lens of African wits.  We celebrate the beauties of Nigeria, strengthened by her diversities. Though our tongue and tribe may differ, in brotherhood we stand. To us Nigeria is a rainbow of beauty, magnified through her diversity.
Diversity, our beauty 

In abundance are diverse cultures, shades of beauties of nature that makes the nation  wholesome in several physical attractions. 

Among its people are maidens, and Models who desire not only to find a place in the international Modeling circuits but also compete for laurels in the area of International beauty Pageants.
Our Structures
We are in all the Zones
  • Northwest
  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • South-South
  • Southwest
  • Northcentral


Our Foods, the most delicious

The introduction of cooking competition as one of the competitive segments is in line with our philosophy that the beauty of an African woman transcends beyond the loveliness of her physical frame. We seek to define beauty in appreciation of the virtues of an African woman, renowned for her superb beauty and skills in home making.

The Jewel of Nigeria, aims at advancing the Rights of the Nigerian Girl Child to education. All our prizes are scholarship funds. In support of this course all lovers of the welfare of the Nigerian Child will wear a shade of orange to attend our presentations.

Empowering our Young women

  • Making the finalists celebrities ahead of the grand finale
  •   Nigerians to vote for who becomes The Jewel of Nigeria
Styling the pageant
  • Five fashion Designers would be participating
  • Four Fashion Designers are Nigerians
  • One International Guest Designer
  • All fabrics to be used are more of Nigerian fabrics blended with other African fabrics
  • Our drive is to showcase the flexibility and goodness of our fabrics, for local and international patronage.