Our Core Values
  • Sincerity
  • High moral discipline
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Team focus
  • Total commitment to our obligations and above all
  • Integrity

Our aim

The aim of the jewel of Nigeria Beauty Pageant is to constantly celebrate the beautiful people of

Nigeria; using the pageant as a vehicle for stimulating the growth of the nation’s culture and Tourism, attracting private sector participation, as well as advertising its potentials for international attractions.

Our Objectives

  • Advance the welfare of the Nigerian Child through Education
  • Celebrate the physical Beauties of Nigeria
  • Project and market the tourism potentials of host states in Nigeria
  • Expose for appreciation the nation’s diverse rich culture
  • Impact leadership qualities on the contestants with the overall intention of equipping them for future leadership challenges
  • Engage in charity affairs as points of rescue for the needy in the society
  • Market Nigeria as the most virile and most viable market in Africa
  • Celebrate Nigeria and Nigerians as the most enterprising and creative people in Africa.
  • Promoting Nigerian fashions and style for possible International patronage

Our Mission

  • To be the first to produce a truly natural African beauty as Queen in Nigeria
  • To lift up the modeling profession as an alternative field for economically empowering young Nigerian women.
  • To be recognized as the foremost beauty and style competition for Nigerian ladies of all tribes and tongues.
  • To be a vehicle for personal development and promotion of cultural appreciation; particularly with regards to African cultural heritage, with bias on Nigeria's fashions/textiles and beauty products
  • Promote Nigeria's tourism sector
  • Create businesses for diverse pool of Nigerian artistes
  • Use the Pageant to not only touch meaningfully the lives of the underprivileged, by undertaking charity ventures; but also embark on social programmes, awareness campaigns, that would alleviate the sufferings of victims of certain social problems and diseases
  • To constantly celebrate the diversity of the Nigerian people through Promotion of brotherhood and harmony.
  • To join government in its campaign against female and human trafficking and other social vices that endangers the youths of Nigeria.

Our strategic goals

  • To showcase the best cream of beauties in Nigeria, using our products as vehicle for not only projecting the greatness of Nigerian nation, but as a bill board for advertising the great potentials of Nigeria for private sector development participation.
  • To pursue excellence in all our undertakings
  • To become a leader in the organisation of Beauty and modeling Pageants in Nigeria
  • To be acknowledged and practically seen as a good corporate Citizen as well as a major player in the country’s entertainment Industry.
  • To acquire a high profile image as a distinguished corporate Manager and promoter of events/ products of companies in Nigeria.

Why Orange?

Orange colour represents vibrancy, royalty. Orange is flamboyant, mentally stimulating as well as sociable.

The colour symbolizes energy, zest, enthusiasm and creativity. It gives vibes of friendship, fun and informality. The Face of Nigeria contains all these reflections and ambiance in concept, philosophy and in structure.